Aside from technology and finance, gaming is considered one of the fast-paced industries in the world. With hundreds of popular game franchises to choose from, consumers will have lots of options to fill their gaming desires and needs. Like all other industries, gaming is affected and driven by countless trends. These trends can be profitable if you know how to analyze them effectively.

Check out these five modern trends in gaming:

Persistent Microtransactions

 While almost painted in a negative light, microtransactions are the best ways game developers make money. These microtransactions usually change the way players can experience the game. In these transactions, players can buy in-game items, weapons, accessory packs, and many more. Other developers have also included additional game content in those microtransactions—which earned both the ire and appreciation of numerous players.

Game Collectibles with In-game Features

Game collectibles have been around for many years. Manufacturers and game developers change them frequently to suit the growing demand of players. Recently, game collectibles now have ‘unlockable’ features that can improve gaming experience. These collectibles usually have high price tags.

Game Blogging

As new games are being introduced every now and then, the number of game bloggers has doubled as well. Today, game blogging is a lucrative trade and bloggers are coming up of new topics and points for discussion. Game sponsors are also making deals with popular bloggers and this keeps the industry alive.

Closely-knit Communities

It’s also important to know that gaming communities have become more cohesive than ever. One factor attributed to this is the plethora of gaming concepts, ideas, factors, and suggestions that everyone is talking about. With communities growing, game developers now have additional means to market their products effectively.

Commercial Product Tie-Ins

Tie-ins have become popular more than a decade ago. Now, game tie-ins with popular products are very common to a certain degree. Gamers and consumers prefer these tie-ins because of the joy of collecting stuff. Additionally, the product tie-ins keep the gamers more interested.

It’s estimated that there will be more gaming trends in the coming years. Keep your eye out for these trends so you’ll find an opportunity to utilize them for your business.